Qixel Mania!

Have you ever heard of Qixels??  The whole fam was watching EvanTubeHD (Are we the only ones who watch this daily?) when we stumbled upon an episode where they played with Qixels.  It was an immediate head turn to the hubby saying, "What the what?? These look amazing!" This of course began a quick search of local stores, checking of gift card balances and ultimately running to Toys R Us for several sets.


H had a friend over and all 3 boys picked out their patterns and began creating.

Here's how it works:

Pick a pattern from the ones that come with the sets or search online for one you want.  Lay down one of the white base covers and begin sticking on the beads.  Once you are done with placing the beads, spray it with water using the included sprayer.  Place the base with the wet pattern into the quick drying spinner.  (FYI, it doesn't dry it, it's more like a salad spinner that removes the excess water.)  Let it sit for 30 minutes.  We found that sometimes after 30 minutes, when we removed it from the base, we needed to put the back of the design up to a fan for some extra drying.


H has now spent the last 4 days creating.  And even told us, "This is a great way to take a break from video games." 

**This is not a paid post - we just seriously LOVE these things!**