It's Me Mario!

In August of 2013, we had a Super Mario Bros. party for H's 5th birthday.  What a fun party to plan!

I couldn't find an invitation that I really liked so I created one myself.  It's pretty basic but it got the job done. :)

I love to create a themed food table.

First, we created this fun backdrop for the food table.  We used a roll of cloud paper and a roll of brick paper from Michael's to create the background.  I purchased the Mario wall stickers at Target.  Now they have a ton of way more amazing ones on Amazon.

We found these perfect mushroom kiddie pools which we filled with ice and placed at either end of the table for fruit and drinks.

Cheetos puffs with a craft foam Fire Power flower.

Powdered donuts with a craft foam Ice Power flower.

Malted Milk Balls 

Just Bubbe made both the yellow chocolate Star Power and the milk chocolate mustache lollipops.

Just Bubbe and I made all of the centerpieces using pipes from Home Depot and craft foam from Michael's.  Just Bubbe spray painted all of the pipes green while I cut out all of the foam pieces for the plants.

The cake was super easy this time around.  I made a two tiered cake frosted in blue surrounded by mushroom cupcakes made with red frosting and large white M&Ms.  I used some Super Mario Bros. figures we got at Toys R Us on top.

H's only request for his party was a bouncy and we were lucky to find a Super Mario Bros. bouncy to match the theme.

Just Erika super excited to have pulled off another successful birthday party!