Just Pass or Fail? - Freezing Herbs and Olive Oil

Ok, so I'm going to try a new series - Pass or Fail?  Just Hubby and I are constantly sending each other Kitchen Hacks or Parenting Hacks or Cleaning Hacks or any kind of hack that could possibly make daily tasks more bearable.  And I wonder most of the time, does this actually work??

So, let's give them a try!! Step right up, frozen olive oil & herbs, you are the first contestant on Pass or Fail?

Source: Pinterest - diyandmag.com, laurenconrad.com, diethood.com, lydioutloud.com

I've been seeing tons of pins about freezing herbs with olive oil.  I have a new basil plant on our patio that is producing leaves faster than we can eat them.  So, I chopped a batch of them up, put them in an ice cube tray and filled them with olive oil.  By the next morning they were frozen beautifully.

I popped them out and I store them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  When I made pasta this week, I popped two of those herby ice cubes into my pan along with some Dorot garlic (please tell me you all are using the game-changing Dorot garlic?!)  It worked perfectly!!

Result: PASS

{Anything you want me to try out?  Let me know and we will give it a test!}