Just a Gallery Wall In Progress

For over a year now our wall above our sofa has been completely empty.  (Anyone who knows me will not be shocked by this as we still have boxes we haven't even unpacked from our move over a year ago...that's right, I still have shoes, kitchen essentials, and crafting supplies galore in boxes in the garage!)

But, I love to hang things on the wall.  I love pictures and artwork and large metal art pieces.  But, when we moved to this home, the large picture of Time Square that was above our couch at our previous place, found a new home in our downstairs bathroom.  I just couldn't decide on something to hang in this very large open space.

After a year with a blank wall, I decided that enough was enough.   Something needed to be on this wall.  Anything.  So, here's the wall as it stands today.  Sooooo not done. I'm sort of someone who likes to "go big or go home" so it needs to have way more stuff.  A work in progress for sure.

I absolutely LOVE this printable from Simple As That Blog.  It is a picture of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland with "A dream is a wish your heart makes" above the castle.  How sweet is that!  We are a Disney loving family and I adore this!

Just Bubbe and I found this great wooden USA wall art piece at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  We are a patriotic family and this truly is the land that I love.  I knew right away that it would be the starting point for the new gallery wall.  

This is a beautiful piece of artwork that Just H created last summer at his art camp.  They were learning about Monet and I just love the colors of this bridge over water.

This is a fun piece of artwork that Just O created this year in class.  It is a gray background with a lot of colorful splashes of paint.  Love the teal, purple and lime green colors that he used.

I love the look of marquee signs and I love arrows.  There is something just fun about them together.  I bought this one when our local Kohl's was closing and everything was on clearance. 

This piece isn't finished.  My grandparents were getting rid of some frames and I grabbed this one.  I love that it is real wood and it is such a rich color.  I knew I wanted to pair it with some teal (my favorite color!) but I didn't have anything.  So I whipped out some velvety scrapbook paper.  I'm not sure yet what I will put on the paper.  Just Hubby initially asked "Ummm, you aren't going to just hang it like that are you? Is something else going on it?" to which I answered of course and then proceeded to hang it just like that. Hahahaha!

This piece has a special meaning.  The "Get Lost" might seem like a mean statement at first glance.  I found it at Junk in the Trunk and I cried when I saw it in the last booth we visited that day.  Literally. I cried.  Just Bubbe thought I was crazy until I explained.  About six months ago, our friends lost their amazing 13 year old daughter who had been fighting the complications of CHD her whole life.  You can read more about the incomparable Noah Bella and her Noah's Festival of Life by clicking here. At her funeral someone told a story about how Noah once said, "We don't need a map, let's get lost."  This was so moving to Just Hubby and me at the funeral so when I saw this little frame with a map as the background and "Get Lost" - I cried.  And I bought it.  And I love it.  And we remember Noah.

So.....now what?  What am I missing?  I want to add photos of our fam, but not the traditional posed kind.  We have a whole bunch of candids above the fireplace in the same room so I need something more unique.  Any thoughts?  Help a girl out!