If I Were A Rich Woman

I haven't written a post in forever.  I know I don't really have many "followers" but I feel the need to apologize to the blogosphere anyway.

But, despite my lack of actual blogging recently, blog post thoughts swirl through my head on a regular basis and I am suddenly compelled to share with you some things that I have been crushing on.  Many of the bloggers that I follow do a weekly post about what they love recently.  I am not sure I could handle a weekly post of things I want but can't afford to have....depressing, no?

But, I am a shopper at heart and even though I cannot afford to buy a stick of gum right now, I still do a lot of online "window" shopping.  And these are just a few of the things that I am loving lately:

These gold, glittery serving utensils are so fabulous that I have actually been guilty of checking them out on the website at least once a week just hoping that they will be suddenly on clearance.  No luck yet!

I have been drooling over these Danielle earrings by Kendra Scott for a couple of years now.  I have a pair of replica earrings in turquoise that my mom bought for me that I adore (and get lots of compliments on) but they are not as large as the Danielle earrings.  Drooling!

How cool is this awesome soup bowl / sandwich plate from Uncommon Goods.  First, let me say that I LOVE Uncommon Goods.  Second, I just LOVE tomato soup and grilled cheese so when I saw this little setup I was SOLD!  But, in case I wasn't already sold on it, they had to show an alternate image of it being used for dessert with cake and ice cream.  Ummmm, now that is my kind of dessert - do you see how much ice cream is in that bowl?!  Yes, please!!

I have never really understood the concept of a paperweight.  I am sure that back in the days before central air when people had to keep their windows open in the summer to avoid suffocating from the heat, paperweights were important in case a breeze came through.  However, I do not live without central air in Southern California and my windows are almost never open.  So, a paperweight is a little bit unnecessary.  But, how cute is this pink LOVE paperweight??  This belongs on my bookshelf for sure!!

This face mug cracks me up!! Now it just needs to have an open mouth big enough to carry more than 2 cookies.  (Who only eats 2 cookies at a time?? NOT ME!  More like 10 - 15 at a time!)

My home is not complete until I can successfully make bowls out of brownies!! Every dessert would start with a brownie bowl!  But, I have some advice for the marketing crew that put together the picture above: less fruit, more ice cream and caramel! 

So, there you have it.  Only a few of the things that I could add to my "Wish List."  And as nice as all of these things are, and as happy as I would be to receive any of these, right now I am a little more focused on all the cool baby gear we need to get in the next few months.


Anonymous said…
You're totally right about the brownie cup picture. I didn't get it at first until you mentioned it and then took a second look and figured out that they are cups filled with ice cream and not cupcakes. I know it showed molds but advertising should get you at the first glance as you may not get a second chance.

Your loving Mom!