Death by Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing.  It allows me to do research in my pajamas on my couch.  It allows me to stay in contact with family and friends who live far without having to wait for a letter to arrive in my mailbox.  It allows me to look up medical symptoms and remedies so that this paranoid mom doesn’t run to Urgent Care when my little guy scrapes his knee.  (Ok I’m not that bad but close.  And I know every doctor is now cringing at the thought of me self-diagnosing from the internet.)

However, I am convinced that the internet will be the death of me.  First you have to understand my personality.  I am a crafter at heart and a procrastinator in practice.  This is a deadly combination that the internet just intensifies.  You see, I can Google any craft topic and find about a thousand blog posts where bloggers who are better at crafts than me have already successfully completed that craft project.  Not only have they completed the craft project, but they have done it better than I could do it, they have taken beautiful pictures of the process and have found the time to blog about it.  I can’t compare to that!

And this brings me to the months of July and August which have been rough on me for the last 4 years now.  My son’s birthday is in August and he just turned 4 which means 4 birthday parties.  4 chances for the internet to be the death of me.  4 chances for me to spend copious amounts of time scouring the world wide web for ideas.   4 chances for me to have an unrealistic vision in my head based on all the beautiful, amazing, creative parties out there on the internet.  And something always falls short (usually the lack of balloons – I love balloons and we never seem to have enough time in the setup!)

I was sort of dreading this year’s party more than usual because we had decided to have a superhero party.  To say my son loves superheroes is like saying that I love chocolate.  Understatement.  I felt the pressure even more to make it awesome.  And it didn’t help the pressure that this year my son had an opinion.  He chose his invitation on Etsy from the wonderful Patty Cake Press.  He didn’t like the picture I picked for the invitation so we had him chose a different one and he was right that it looked better.  (Who knew I needed to ask him first??)  He saw me looking at superhero cakes on Pinterest and spent the next 20 minutes telling me exactly what he wanted for his cake.   A four tier masterpiece highlighting multiple superheroes with some adjustments to the Spiderman tier based on another cake.  Damn you internet!  (Yes, it is my own fault for showing him the cakes on Pinterest, but we won’t talk about that!)

I look at all that these women bloggers accomplish with their parties and I am blown away, very intimidated by their creativity and in awe of their time management as most of them are stay-at-home moms.  (How do they find the time????)

This party took weeks of planning, purchasing, creating, ironing, hemming, baking, decorating, printing, gluing, and freezing.  It was a lot of work but it was wonderful.  And we had balloons!!  Success!

Internet, I bested you this year!  

(Now I need a nap!)

(P.S. I will do a post with pictures from the party once I regain some energy.)