Just a Little Bit of Sunshine

This was my son's first year at this preschool and we were very excited for him to be at this school, pretty much always knowing that this is where we wanted him to go.  Thus, in our excitement, I knew I wanted to start off the year with a gift for his teachers.  I searched many blogs and Pinterest for ideas and absolutely loved the idea of a First Day of School Survival Kit seen on one of my favorite blogs Bee in Our Bonnet which she also tweaked from a post on another favorite blog Eighteen25.  (If you love crafting and/or baking you must seriously check out both of those blogs - these ladies are all absolutely amazing!)

So, these are the gifts we gave my son's teachers on the first day of school.  And let me just say how much they loved them and loved getting a welcome gift the first day!

Outside of the box with the printable from Bee in Our Bonnet

The inside filled with candy, clips, post-its, hand sanitizer, band-aids, paper clips, glue stick, pencils and push pins.  Next time I am following my friend Remy who filled it completely with candy!

All wrapped up and ready to give

These were such a huge hit that I realized I needed to make something for the end of year gifts as well, especially since my son had such an amazing year and truly loved his teachers.  So, again I took to my trusty blogs and Pinterest.  I knew that I wanted something fun, not necessarily for the classroom and something relating to Sunshine as that was the name of his class. (Just try and call him a monkey when he is climbing all over the place and he will proudly tell you "I am not a monkey, I am a Sunshine!")  

And then I found these from The Rachel Berry Blog which perfectly say "Thank you and welcome to summer!"  So, here is what I came up with:

 A cute straw bag filled with summer goodies and topped with a cool paper flower.  Take a look inside:

Beach towel, sunscreen, aloe gel, flip flops, reusable cup and Extra gum.  Here is a closer look at the cup and gum with their tags.

"Thank you for being such a wonderful TEAcher" found here from Lisa Storms.  The cup is filled with Snapple tea packets.

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little EXTRA" that I created.  I think this was my favorite part of the bag!

And because my little man made such wonderful friends we decided to give them something small too.  I bought beach balls from my favorite store ever: Target! Then I sliced open the bags, took out the cardboard inserts and resealed it with a tag I made.

All in all the gifts this year were a hit! Now I'm off to start planning First Day of School gifts for his new teachers this year.


Unknown said…
Love the extra ordinary gift tag! Is there a way to download it? Thanks for sharing these fun gift ideas! :)