Great Pinterest Hunt Day #1

Ok my fellow crafter friends, I have something that you HAVE TO DO!  I don't know about you but my craft "room" (is that a joke, cuz it totally is not a room but merely spread out over my entire master bedroom and several closets!) is in desperate need of organization and I have been drooling over the entire line from The Original Scrapbox for too long.  Alas, I have no funds to purchase anything from them as most of the crafting funds actually goes to craft supplies (mostly unused as of yet of course.)  What I wouldn't give to have a place to store my supplies!!

And then the heavens opened up briefly with the possibility of WINNING a workbox for FREE!!   I have never entered a contest so fast in my life!   And in case you didn't already know how nice I am, I am actually sharing this with all of you so that you have a chance too!  Yes, I realize that this probably lowers my chances of actually winning this glorious scrapbooker's Holy Grail but if I don't win it, it better go to one of you!  That way you will owe me for telling you about it!  :) And in case you think I am really that big of a martyr, let me just tell you now that I get one extra entry for sharing with all of you....see, not as nice as you thought I was.  :)

So, before you do anything else, enter The Great Pinterest Hunt right now!


DO IT!!!  :)