My mom will be honored in June for all that she does for our community.  Whether fundraising for the Friendship Circle or coordinating visits with the Sunshine Club, she gives of her time freely to better our community.  She is the first one to say "How can I help?" when she hears of someone in need.  When she heard that there were families in the Conejo Valley who go hungry and that these families cannot even send their children to school with a lunch, she knew that she had to help.  The Chabad of the Conejo Food Bank was born out of a need to help these families and my mom has taken this charge under her wings.  She IS the Food Bank, from coordinating volunteers to weekly food shopping to sorting and packing of the food orders.  She undertakes every aspect of feeding these families with pure heart - a labor of love. 

To say I am proud of my mom for this honor she will be receiving would be a huge understatement. 

She will be on stage to humbly accept this honor, hating to have the spotlight on her and never thinking that she is truly deserving.  And I will be there in the audience beaming with pride to honor my mom.  My mom.  Not the community activist, but my mom. 

My mom who cried right along side me in the rough times, laughed loudly with me in the joyous times, and nursed me through every illness including Scarlet Fever.  My childhood was filled with music, balloons, fun birthday parties, bedtime stories, and awesome science projects.  It was also filled with homework, lessons on morals, holiday traditions, family values, curfew, rules and life lessons.

How do you really honor the woman who is the reason why you are the person you are?  How do I honor all that my mom has done for me, all that she has taught me and all that she represents to me?  How do I honor the mother/daughter relationship she built that has turned into the best friendship I could ask for?

By spending everyday with my little man striving to be just like her.  By calling upon her motherly wisdom to inform my decisions and her intense love for both me and her grandson to guide me to raise him to be a strong, kind, gentle, appreciative man.

I honor my mom today and everyday through respect, emulation and pure love.

I love you Mom!