Just the Blink of an Eye

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  My husband and I got emotional when we heard him cry for the first time.  The first time I held him in the recovery room was intensely joyful.

And then I blinked my eyes.

Three and half years have gone by and tonight I watched in awe as my son fell asleep in his big boy twin sized bed with dinosaur sheets.  Above his bed is a huge world map completely covered in every animal possible which we earlier spent 30 minutes examining together with excitement.  He has a Sulley toy and an Imaginext spaceship in bed with him that I have to quietly maneuver out once he has fallen asleep because he favors falling asleep with hard toys instead of stuffed animals.  We took him swimming over the weekend where he spent half the time jumping and swimming between us and the other half the time on the bottom of the pool examining the underwater world through the lenses of his goggles.  We spend our weekends at Underwood Family Farms, at the Natural History Museum, at the Los Angeles Zoo, at the Bright Child indoor playground, at the California Science Center.  He goes to school 5 days a week where he learns new things every single day, plays with his classmates, adores his teachers, celebrates holidays, brings home art projects, takes after-school classes like cooking, science and body movement, and carts home copious amounts of sand in his shoes and pockets from his wildly imaginitive adventures in the sandbox.  He can rattle off the names of every kid in school and can even point out which parents belong to each child.  His friendships are amazingly strong, still excitedly waiting for playdates with his best buddies from his previous school, asking daily to see his favorite girls that are wonderful daughters of friends of ours, and now asking for playdates with all the kids in his class.  We have successfully jumped the hurdle of the first after-school playdate without us there and we are a few weeks away from our first trial run with a new babysitter.

I blinked and the infant has grown into an impressive little boy.

If I blink again he will be heading off to high school.  Blink twice, college.

My eyes are wide open, not wanting to miss a single moment.