Destined To Be Friends

Do you believe in fate?  Do you believe that some things are meant to be?  Is it possible that you are meant to be friends with certain people?

While going through a big tub full of pictures, I came across some black and white photos my mom took the day we bought my wedding dress.  It was fun reminiscing about that day - the dresses we chose to try on, the veils we looked at, the nice woman trying on dresses next to me, finding the perfect dress, and the great time spent with my mom.

I loved looking at each of these pictures:

And then I about fell out of my chair when I looked at the next picture.

This appears to be a simple picture of the sales lady helping me try on one of the veils in the store with the nice woman I mentioned earlier in the background.  That woman and I did not know each other that day but exchanged niceties, commenting on each other's dresses (she liked the one I decided to buy.)  The only memory of her from that day was simply as "the nice woman trying on dresses next to me."  However, the second I looked at this picture I was floored.  That nice woman is now one of my dearest friends, Jocelyn. 

At the time this picture was taken we knew of each other.  Our husbands were former co-workers and friends.  We both had plans to attend each other's wedding but had not met yet.  In the years since our weddings we have both become mothers.  We have enjoyed playdates, attended birthday parties, shared the trials & tribulations of parenting, shared a love of being a Los Angeles Kings fan, and watched as our kids have forged a wonderful friendship.  My little man absolutely adores her little princesses.  We cannot say enough nice things about this family and truly feel blessed to call them friends.

Who could have known that day that I was standing next to my future friend?  And without this picture neither of us would have ever known.

Fate.  Destined to be friends.  Blessed.