Just The Facts

Just A Little About This Blog

What do you do when you have a zillion thoughts roaming through your brain without a creative outlet for the nonsense?  You create a creative outlet.  In other words, you start a blog.  Who will read this blog?  No one probably.  Will world peace be solved by my written word?  Hardly, although wouldn’t that be the simplest answer to a grand world problem?  Who will benefit from this blog?  Probably only my husband who will now only have to quietly read my thoughts on just about every single topic instead of listening to me rant on and on every night about whatever bee is currently in my bonnet!

So here we are, blog in hand.  Well, more like blog in cyber world.  What do you title a blog when there is no real apparent theme?  I am a terrible cook, I am definitely not funny, I do not sew even a button on, I steal crafting ideas instead of creating my own, I am definitely no Martha Stewart, and I can barely handle my own daily life let alone give anyone else advice.  This means that there was no real way to categorize and therefore title these ramblings about nothing really.  (Yes, I know, I could have called it “Guerrero” much like Seinfeld since it is a blog about nothing similar to a show about nothing.  But I am just not funny enough for any sort of comparison to Seinfeld.)

This leaves me with a blog about nothing with no title at all.  (And in case you were wondering, “No Title” was already taken.)  And then it hits me!  During my senior year of high school I worked at a very low-key, “mom and pop” yogurt shop named “Just Yogurt.”  The only problem with this title came when they decided to add an entire second half to the store, taking away most of the seating for a bagel shop.  And the name of this hybrid shop, for lack of any creativity of the owners, became “Just Yogurt.  Just Bagels.”  The hilarity of such a name proclaiming to be just one thing AND just another was too much to handle!  And thus was born my phone greeting while at work: “Just Yogurt.  Just Bagels.  Just Erika Speaking.”

How perfect.  A mish-mash shop full of different sorts of offerings that worked well together by simply adding another line to the title.  It could be Just Yogurt. Just Bagels. Just Juice. Just Smoothies. Just Candy. Just about anything that could bring in a new customer.  And so the parallel with this blog.  A mish-mash blog full of different musings that I hope will work well together simply because I want it to (and because I added the word “Just.”)

I would like to Just Welcome you to my crazy world